Smartphone too hot to handle?

 As I am sure you're all aware, the weather has changed dramatically over the past couple of weeks in the UK with summer well and truly underway. The damage costs for smartphone repairs during high temperatures is astronomical!

So we want to share some tips to keep your smartphone 'cool' in these high temperatures to ensure you keep your device running at it's best.

  • The recommended temperature for most smartphones is between 0℃ and 35℃. Below the lowest temperature can result in issues with power and the battery.

  • Never leave your smartphone in direct sunlight, especially in a vehicle! Direct exposure to the sun can cause damage to your device (mostly affecting the battery and the screen).

  • As per the image above, you will see the smartphones will try to protect the internal components by trying to self -regulate the temperature. If you see this warning sign, then place the device in the shade and avoid charging it until the device has cooled down.

  • If you have a case then it is recommended to remove it as this can insulate the heat and prevent it from cooling down.

From i-Squad HQ, we hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather, and of course, if your device does become damaged then our expert engineers are on hand 7 days a week in Chelmsford, Essex to get your device repaired and working as it should be!

Click the link to email us - BOOK A REPAIR

How to make cash in 3 easy steps

Trade in your old phone or tablet, even if it's broke!

Here at i-Squad, we understand that mobile phones get left behind; slung in that odds and sods drawer accumulating moss, these poor old phones are quickly made redundant in the ever immersing world of phone upgrades.

But do not fear. We'll turn these hidden gems into instant cash. Even better, if you've got data you need from them, we can transfer it across to your new one!


Get Cash In 3 Simple Steps

1. Get a quote  2. Visit us or post your device  3. Get paid

Why Trade-In With i-Squad?

  • We guarantee to pay more for your mobile phone than Mazuma Mobile

  • Speedy cash and bank transfer payments made

  • 12 month warranty on all devices

  • 30 day money-back guarantee if you're really not getting on with your upgrade!

  • Postal service available

We offer part-exchange on upgrades too!

Pop into store to try out a range of devices if you're unsure which one you'd like, or simply send us an email to ask if we have a particular model in stock.

Essex Business Excellence Awards 2016

Last night was the night. After months of interviews and anticipation, the time for the 'Essex Business Excellence Awards' ceremony had finally arrived.

We attended the presentation dinner at the prestigious Hylands House, Chelmsford - with 80% of the company in tow, including:

-Gordon Smith - Director

-Sam Batson - Manager, Chelmsford

-Sam Lees - Manager, Colchester

-Alex Banks - Technician

-Penny Smith - Admin

Needless to say it was an evening full of good food and banter, however no sooner had we polished off dessert than it was crunch time. There were a lot of great businesses in attendance, from builders to hairdressers - and from firemen to app developers. Then came our category;


As well as ourselves there were two other finalists in this category: who are a management training company based in Black Notley

-Delightful Tea Bake School who - as the name suggests - are a baking school based in Great Wakering.

With the accolades and accomplishments of the other finalists we were sure we would be giving a solemn round of applause as one of them collected the award, but nonetheless - drumroll please.....

The winner of Best New Business 2016 is -  -  -

iTek Sales and Repair!

Gobsmacked is not even the word.

Honestly, we are humbled by this recognition, and believe me when I say it has taken a HUGE amount of blood, sweat and dedication from the whole team to get us to this point.

Another key factor in our success is, of course, our customers - every transaction, recommendation and review has been a huge aid in iTek's growth ... So thank you as well!

Until next time..