As I am sure you’re all aware, the weather has changed dramatically over the past couple of weeks in the UK with summer well and truly underway. The damage costs for smartphone repairs during high temperatures is astronomical!

So we want to share some tips to keep your smartphone ‘cool’ in these high temperatures to ensure you keep your device running at it’s best.

  • The recommended temperature for most smartphones is between 0℃ and 35℃. Below the lowest temperature can result in issues with power and the battery.

  • Never leave your smartphone in direct sunlight, especially in a vehicle! Direct exposure to the sun can cause damage to your device (mostly affecting the battery and the screen).

  • As per the image above, you will see the smartphones will try to protect the internal components by trying to self -regulate the temperature. If you see this warning sign, then place the device in the shade and avoid charging it until the device has cooled down.

  • If you have a case then it is recommended to remove it as this can insulate the heat and prevent it from cooling down.

From i-Squad HQ, we hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather, and of course, if your device does become damaged then our expert engineers are on hand 7 days a week in Chelmsford, Essex to get your device repaired and working as it should be!

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